Woodland Hills Car Crash

Woodland Hills Car Crash

A Woodland Hills car crash has claimed the lives of two people and injured two others. One driver is awaiting investigation after being alleged to be driving under the influence. Another driver was reported to have been street racing. No one knows if there were other drivers involved.

In the Woodland Hills crash, a Toyota Camry rear-ended a vintage Ford Mustang, and both vehicles burst into flames. Police said the Camry was traveling at a high speed. The Camry driver was arrested for felony DUI.

Two other drivers, a man and a woman, also suffered minor injuries. A third person was seriously hurt in the crash, though his identity has not yet been revealed.

As of Tuesday evening, the police have not yet released the identity of the victims. Their identities are pending notification from their families.

On Saturday, a driver ran into a car in a residential neighborhood. Both drivers have reported conflicting stories of what happened. When asked about the incident, one driver said that he believed one of the other drivers was street racing. However, the other driver is claiming that he was not speeding.

According to KTLA5, the 21-year-old driver is suspected of driving under the influence. He is being held on $4 million bail. This is the second major car accident involving a suspect who is being charged with DUI in LA county in the past two months.

Earlier this year, a Woodland Hills car crash was caused by a driver who fled the scene. The driver of a black sedan lost control in a residential area. It then crashed into a freeway sign pole. His vehicle then hit a small commercial tar tanker.

The Los Angeles Fire Department was called to the crash. A fire department spokesman said firefighters responded quickly to the scene and extinguished the fire. Some of the debris that flew around during the crash caused bruising to the victim. If the bruising becomes severe, the victim should seek medical attention.

An attorney in Woodland Hills is an expert in evaluating the severity of car accidents and can help you to determine if you have a claim. While compensation for a Woodland Hills car crash can be difficult to obtain, a lawyer can help you receive a fair settlement.

If you are in a car accident with a drunk driver, contact a personal injury attorney in Woodland Hills, California to find out your legal options. Drunk driving is a dangerous practice, and if you or a loved one has been harmed, it is important to understand your rights. Your attorney can help you to avoid any potential defenses, such as comparative negligence, and get the compensation you deserve.

Car accident injuries can cause significant pain and suffering for years. A Woodland Hills car accident attorney can help you to recover the compensation you need to cover medical expenses, loss of income, and pain and suffering. To learn more about your legal options, contact a law firm with years of experience in personal injury and auto accidents.

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